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Transparency is lacking in Kansas education at all levels.  The State Board of Education must lead in beginning to restore that trust.  Teachers and administrators should not be precluded from being open and honest about classroom curriculum to afford fully informed parents the ability direct their child’s education.  Danny will fight to prevent the infringement of Kansas parents’ and guardians’ unalienable authority.

Why are record numbers of kids and teachers leaving public schools?  Why have non-academic constructs in schools grown far beyond the areas of reading, writing, and arithmetic?  Did parents demand less academics?  The State Board of Education must lead in the return of true academics to Kansas schools.

Who controls a child’s education?  First and supremely, this unalienably rests with the child’s parents.  Then local schools reflect the local community that funds it.  The State Board of Education must not infringe parent authority and the local school boards.  This was historically accomplished by the setting of graduation unit standards with local school districts determining how to do so based on parent direction and community support.


What are all the untold numbers of data points being accumulated on every child from pre-school to adulthood?  How are parents not infringed in their ability to protect their own child’s personal property from theft or misuse?  Every act of the State Board of Education must put Parents in Charge to prohibit the theft and misuse of their child’s own data points.  Danny fully supports “opt-in only” policies in all things related to data in order for parents to safeguard their child’s personal privacy and property.

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