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Danny Zeck was born and raised in Leavenworth, Kansas where his wife, Dinah, of 52 years raising two sons that have blessed him with 5 grandchildren.  Danny grew a successful Ford dealership in his home town and operated it for over 30 years.  Danny's belief in investing in your community, as well as his employees garnered the respect in the auto industry.   His service to his church, St. George Serbian Orthodox, as well as his weekly hours as a volunteer for the Catholic Charities has given him the ability to know the needs of the Leavenworth Community.  

It was through his volunteer position that he became aware of his co-workers problems with the curriculum being taught in the classrooms of Leavenworth School District and  it was a time to step out of retirement into the political arena.


Danny understands that when Transparency and Accountability are not a priority, you Lose the public Trust.
When honesty is absent, parents start to question.  When
academics is no longer the focus, all students suffer. This is what is happening in Kansas.

It is time to stop the Washington Liberal Standards from dictating values that do not fit Kansas Education.  We must put Parents In Charge of their child's Education.

The Kansas State Board of Education consist of 10 members that are elected and represent roughly 55,000 students.  The responsibilities of this Board are to set Educational State Standards so that all students achieve academically and develop the skills to be successful in life.  

The Kansas Education Standards no longer focus on Academics as the essential part of a child's education and the falling test scores over the last 8 years is evident to Parents across Kansas.

  • 38% of all graduating high school seniors that attend college are not prepared for the level of learning.  Remedial classes are proving costly for Parents and of those 38%, only 1% will leave the remedial classroom.

  • Over 60% of Kansas Students are performing under grade level in Math, English, Science..

  • The State Board of Education has dedicated only 15% of the school day to academic learning.

  • With a surge of early teacher retirements, more students are pushed to online learning, without a teacher in the classroom.

  • The Collection of Private Data on Students that survey their Attitudes, Values, and Beliefs are being harvested and sold by the Federal Government.  Many times the Parent was Opted In Automatically without knowing.

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